Choc Nibbles

Choc Nibbles is a quirky and delicious range of chocolatey treats, loved by adults and children alike. Our products are created using high quality branded ingredients and are available throughout the UK.


There is nothing like Choc Nibbles on the market, it is fun, quirky and definitely unique – it’s not ‘pretty’, it doesn’t conform to society’s demand for perfection, rather it focuses on taste and quality rather than aesthetics!

The Choc Nibbles range comes in sweetshop style jars and bags. The products are available in our own recognisable and popular Choc Nibbles brand or can be repackaged for own label brands for wholesale and cash and carry companies.

Our products are made from the finest ingredients known to confectionery but that’s not the only reason they are so delicious. It’s the special way that Bert blends, tweaks and refines each and every batch which makes them so utterly and delectably moreish.

These tasty chocolate treats most certainly have the ‘nibble factor’. Versatile too, they’re a perfect ingredient for home baking – creating delicious desserts, cupcakes, toppings for ice-cream, pancakes and milkshakes.

In short, our range is unique; there is not, never has been and never will be anything quite like it… have a look in the ‘our range’ to find out more and don’t forget to go and meet Bert, Choc Nibbles’ Confectioner In Chief…

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We have a growing number of UK and international stockists and are very happy to consider further enquiries. If you would like learn more about our Sweetdreams Confectionery product range or would like to be a Choc Nibbles stockist please complete the form below. Please note we supply to trade only, minimum order quantities apply.

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